Books I have lying around the house and totally mean to read some day (not including some public domain titles I've stocked up on as ebooks), as of May 1, 2012 (some titles crossed off October 2012):

Memories of the Future, Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
The Adventures of Amir Hamza, Ghalive Lahnavi and Abdullah Bilgrami
The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann
The Collected Poems, 1956–1998, Zbigniew Herbert

The Baroque Cycle, Neal Stephenson
The Confusion
The System of the World
The Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson

Open City, Teju Cole
Generation X, Douglas Coupland
The Masterpiece, Anna Enquist
The Lazarus Project, Aleksander Hemon
Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale, Leonid Korogodski
Lunar Caustic, Malcolm Lowry
New Finnish Grammar, Diego Marani
Men in Space, Tom McCarthy
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell
Lullabies for Criminals, Heather O'Neill
A Naked Singularity, Sergio De La Pava
The Book of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa

The Holy Sinner, Thomas Mann
The Black Swan, Thomas Mann
The Last Supper, Paweł Huelle

A Perfect Vacuum, Stanisław Lem
Nazi Literature in the Americas, Roberto Bolaño

The Mountain Lion, Jean Stafford
The Singapore Grip, JG Farrell

Against the Day, Thomas Pynchon

A Walk on the Wild Side, Nelson Algren
The Man with the Golden Arm, Nelson Algren
The Neon Wilderness, Nelson Algren
A Distant Episode, Paul Bowles
Only Revolutions, Mark Danielewski
Libra, Don Delillo
Underworld, Don Delillo
Silas Marner, George Eliot
Amos Barton, George Eliot
To the End of the Land, David Grossman (unsolicited review copy)
Night Train to Nykøbing, Kristjana Gunnars
Ulysses, James Joyce
Gods without Men, Hari Kunzru (unsolicited review copy)
Fall on Your Knees, Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Child in Time, Ian McEwan
Chrysanthe, Yves Menard (unsolicited review copy)
Such a Long Journey, Rohinton Mistry
The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, Rainer Maria Rilke
The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, José Saramago
Hystera, Leora Skolkin-Smith
The Book of Fathers, Miklós Vámos (unsolicited review copy)

Le Ton Beau De Marot: In Praise Of The Music Of Language, Douglas R. Hofstadter

Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain, Maryanne Wolf
The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language, Christine Kenneally
City Unique: Montreal Days and Nights in the 1940s and '50s, William Weintraub