Sunday, July 04, 2004

Movie meme

You can see the movie meme Scribbling Woman posted, along with links to its earlier and other incarnations.

I won't reproduce my list here, not because I have anything to hide — I freely admit that I consume crap by the bucketfull — but because I don't think anybody would care.

(Why do we do these things?)

However, following the instructions to add three movies to the list, I would add Pi, The Big Lebowski, and The Cook, The Thief, The Wife, and Her Lover, being films reactions to which offer some insight into the character of people who see them. Maybe.

Shoot. Just three? OK. Scratch those. How about Liquid Sky, Cube, and The Hudsucker Proxy?

Maybe I should simply offer you a list of movies, my favourite, for very different reasons, of all time (in alphabetical order):

The Big Lebowski
Bitter Moon
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Three Colors Trilogy (Blue, White, Red) — I'd be hard-pressed to have to choose just one of them. OK, White. White is my sentimental favourite.
Until the End of the World
Wages of Fear
Wings of Desire

Does that make a round number of some kind? My Top X. Aw, fuck it.

To my mind one of the greatest entertainment industry mysteries of all time:
How is it that Tom Cruise, short and a scientologist, comes to choose roles in such very interesting (but not particularly "successful") movies: Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky (all of which I am considering adding to the above list)?

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