Friday, November 19, 2004


Today is World Toilet Day!

"The world deserves better toilets."

Flush accordingly.

And this kicks off our birthday extravaganza weekend.

Helena's birthday is tomorrow, but the daycare is having a celebration for her this afternoon at snack time. J-F and I have been invited to join them.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll head over to J-F's mom's place for further festivities. Who knows what's in store?

Sunday is my turn. Though I was originally a little turned off by the idea having our birthdays one day after the other, I see now how it encourages prolonged merrymaking and indulgences — a good thing. Even materialism is relinquishing its hold on me to quality time spent with family and friends (and the one thing I really, really want: being allowed to sleep in till I'm finished).

But I refuse to share a cake. I insist on separate cakes.

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