Thursday, February 24, 2005

Choosing her words

Helena is growing up bilingual.

Looking at pictures: "Pas cow, Mama — c'est vache."

Looking at the sky: "Pas la lune — la moon."

I figure farm animals are a big deal at (the French) daycare, whereas her knowledge of the moon stems from our frequent reading of Kitten's First Full Moon.

I'll be curious to see what patterns emerge regarding which language she chooses to express different concepts.

It's clear to me that she thinks in two languages.


Suzanne said...

I find it amazing that children learn to speak at all, let alone speak two languages. I'm sure it will be a fascinating journey for you as well.

matchingtracksuits said...

I've always been jealous of people who grow up in a bilingual environment like that. That's one thing I really look forward to seeing with my own children, who'll grow up speaking English and Polish.

But think of this scenario: a German father with a French mother, who speak English to each other, live in Spain, and hire a Chinese nanny...

Anonymous said...

I suppose that growing up in BC with a mom who speaks Southern US doesn't count, consarn it.


Maggie said...

Our household isn't technically bilingual, but we are biaccentual - my husband still carries vestiges of his British accent, despite his repeated denials (such as "my accent has disappeared ahfta awl these years").

When my son was a tellytubbies fan, I overheard this classic: "it's LaLa, Daddy, not LawLaw."

GaelicGrl said...

Our household has English and 3 creoles mixed in. My niece lives with us and her father is from Jamaica. My father is from Barbados and my stepfather is from Trinidad. My niece will have her "wrap" after her "tea" and then watch a "flick". Her word "cookie" is accented, too.

My husband is again outnumbered: she and I understand my family when they speak whereas my husband still has difficulty.