Sunday, June 26, 2005

This was only a test

Had I actually died, posting would have continued as usual, for a short while anyway, in accordance with instructions I'm leaving to be followed in the event of my demise. The idea's been planted that I must prepare a few drafts so that I can continue to blog from beyond. Feel free to offer your topic suggestions.

What's been going on:

A surprise (to me) fundraising barbecue at Helena's daycare Thursday.

A surprise holiday Friday. Not really a surprise — it's been going on for years. But it slipped my mind. How dare the world stop and have fun while I have so much work to do?! Of course, I couldn't do any of that work, because it being a holiday, the daycare was closed.

So, much less work than originally scheduled.

And people came to visit yesterday — real people! — not like all you imaginary folk.

Does anyone even visit my virtual space anymore? Why bother? I don't blame you.

The week ahead:
More work. All the work I should've finished by now.

On my mind:
What ever happened to laser discs? Did anyone actually own one of those players?

Why are videogames so crappy? Why isn't there a DaVinci Code videogame yet? I'd play that. What's Jane Jensen doing?

A ton of things to say about The Golden Notebook. I'm at about the quarter mark and hope to say some of these things soon, before I forget them.

The Management thanks you for your patience and continued patronage.
Stay tuned.


Ben said...

I'm still here, reading away. Apologies for not commenting as much lately as I should have.

Suzanne said...

Still here, of course! Good luck with your workload.

Russell said...

I still pop in on a regular basis...always interested.

Laserdiscs - too big (physically), too late (came out as the "smaller and smaller electronic devices" fetish started). Never owned one.

Videogames...give it time, someone will realize that there is a market for those that don't just want to blow things up...Myst and its progeny are examples of this.