Monday, April 03, 2006


Fifty years ago today my parents were wed.

My father lived to see but 21 years of marriage. I marvel at my mother's continued devotion to him.


patricia said...

Oh, what an utterly enchanting photo of your father. So handsome!

Martha said...

What a beautiful photo of your father, and of the two of them together. Those elaborate, tulle enshrouded gowns make me think of a very specific time when it seems marriage was a more solemn, private ritual than it is today. But maybe that's just my own projection. J and my wedding certainly had a different feel, anyway.

Suzanne said...

This day must be hard for your mother; what a beautiful way for you to honor it.

cipriano said...

Your father looks very regal there. Dashing!
Sort of F. Scott Fitzgeraldish even.
Speaking of which, on this very day [April 3rd] in 1920 Fitzy and Zelda were married at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and then later, in their room at the Biltmore Hotel, they "acted so boisterously" that the management had to ask them to leave.
I like that story.
Aren't I just a wealth oif incidental knowledge?
It's like I am Robertson Davies or something!

Isabella said...

Cip: You're a treasure. I'm sure my parents never acted so boisterously as Fitz and Zelda.

Suzanne: Please don't tell my mother I put pictures on the Internet. That would ruin it for everybody.

GaelicGrl said...

I love that photo of your father. I think we looked at photos during one visit to Ottawa...?