Monday, September 25, 2006

Job description

I have my eyes open for job opportunities (the regularity of a regular job holds some appeal). Curiosity had me looking at this listing for "Busker" ("mascot" is probably a more accurate title):

Description of qualifications: Suits are conceived for 5 foot persons 7 thumbs in 6 feet 2 pouces. You have to be an honest, energetic, punctual and responsible person. Clothing holding (dress) and well-kept hair. Good compulsory hygiene. Indeed in the head, repectueux. Virgin file.

I'm not sure my hair (or my head) holds to these standards. Perhaps better to keep my freelance lifestyle. I'm still in my pyjamas.


Carl V. said...

'good compulsary hygiene'??? Where's the fun in that???

Maxine said...

I wish I'd had a freelance career, after too many years as a wage slave and now being worn out as a result. Stay free, keep your lance!