Monday, December 07, 2009


At the age of 7, Helena has announced that she hates pink.

She and Adèle have a game on, to not wear any pink to school. That'll last until they have to put on their gym shorts.

She tells me this as we're preparing for bed. I'm helping her pull off a pink hoodie (the one she wanted to wear every single day last week). Her pink nightdress with the strawberries is laid out. She's standing on her bed, the hot pink comforter tangled round her feet. She's haloed by pink mosquito netting.

She hates pink. Finally. Just like me.

She loves black, she tells me. Black is the new pink.


Suzanne said...

Ah, yes, the pink phase. Almost over with Devyn who, for a time, would only wear black with a little pink.

Since I'm surrounded by pink all the time, I've actually grown to like it with black (for the gym)! Used to hate it.

About four more years of pink left here re: Molly.

Enjoy the new colour phase!

Stefanie said...

I hate pink too. For the longest time I would not wear it nomatter the shade but over the last few years I've decided a purple-pink is acceptable now and then.