Saturday, March 27, 2010

Political refugees get priority

That's what it said in the ad for the apartment, in the novel I'm reading (Nikolski, by Nicolas Dickner). Puzzling, but Noah makes the call anyway. It made me laugh out loud in public:

"It's still available," Maelo affirms. "You know I give priority to political refugees?"

Stammering, Noah says, "I come from Alberta."

"Okay," Maelo answers, apparently satisfied.


claire said...

Lol. I keep picking up Nikolski at Chapters then putting it down. Is it worth buying?

Melwyk said...

It's so worth buying! I enjoyed it when I read it quite a while ago, and was glad that it won Canada Reads, so that more people will know about it. Light and humorous, and I loved the sensibility.

Isabella said...

I think it's worth it, Claire. I'd been considering for a while, and would've got round to it even if it had not won Canada Reads. It's a quick, easy read, but still with some pretty weighty themes to chew over. I particularly liked the way the flavour of Montreal comes through.

You can sample a bit more of it by listening. (The audio is a lightly abridged version.)

Stefanie said...

ha! That is too funny!