Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Semaine littéraire

Last week was the last full week of school (today's the last day!), and it was full of bookish things. The school's annual semaine littéraire came a little later this year, but it's a great way to bring months' worth of learning projects into focus and to transition into summer.

It's one thing for me to drag the kid along to events that interest me, but quite another to see Helena excited about the culture of book readings and author signings at her own level, with regard to her books.

Early in the week, the class met Lucie Papineau, she of the Gilda le Girafe books, of which we've enjoyed a few (do you have those in English?).

The day I attended open house, Elise Gravel was promoting her new book, Bienvenue à la monstrerie, in the library. It's a book they've been "studying" to death in class, so Helena opted to purchase another title by this author (Le Catalogue des gaspilleurs). Elise Gravel was gracious enough to personalize it with a monster!

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