Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Montreal, London, Amsterdam

He watched his own vaporised breath float off into the grey air. The temperature in central London was said to be minus eleven today. Minus eleven. There was something seriously wrong with the world for which neither God nor his absence could be blamed.

— from Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan.

It was a little bit colder than all that in Montreal this morning, but as of this writing we're at exactly that — minus eleven — the projected high for the day.

I wasn't sure what book to be reading next. Wasn't sure I'd made the right choice when I left the house this morning. But the signs point to "yes." The coincidence of the settings is serendipitous.

With the first sentence the story starts, "with their backs to the February chill."

I like when the boundary between my reality and the fictitious one in my hand is blurred.

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Sara C said...

Ooh. Too cool (no pun intended!). Enjoy your cold weather reading!