Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I love that when I perched on Helena's bed this morning and she opened her eyes, the first thing she thought to say was, "Who won last night?"


I love democracy. Despite the overall result, I love that we did this, that for the first time since moving here, my vote in my riding really counts. It feels like the Quebec I fell in love with, my adopted home, a country within a country, may be returning to itself.


I'm still reading Martin Chuzzlewit. It's rather long. And enjoyable enough, if not deep. A third of the way through and I'm still wondering whether the title means to refer to Martin Jr or Sr. I'm just at the bit where Jr's recently arrived in America. Frankly, I'm more interested to see what comes of the Pecksniffs and Tom Pinch.


Has anybody been watching Doctor Who? That timey-wimey stuff is hurting my brain. And I've spent far too many hours lately searching the forums and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. [SPOILERS] Especially wrt Rory. I mean, when Rory came back as the android Roman centurion toward the end of last season, and then the Doctor reset the universe, I thought Rory'd be restored, or undone, or set right. But even when the Doctor first comes back he's all "How could we forget the Doctor?" — how could he even forget to remember? It's not quite like being at the eye of the storm — the whole universe poured out of Amy's head. So who did she remember — who's the Rory she brought back? Real Rory of flesh and blood, or Roman Rory who believed he was real, who stood guard over her for 2,000 years? Who would you bring back?

And I think, when Rory says he was there, when Rome fell, I think the Doctor's thinking, whoa, how could he remember being not real?, which is why he starts to probe with "personal" questions. So this is the problem behind Amy's quantum pregnancy. It's not a mystical timehead or genetic transfer pregnancy — it's quantum because Rory's not resolved. Poor Rory.


Every now and then, I realize that someone's missing from my blogroll. I follow most blogs through Google Reader, and with an adjustment here, an update there, sometimes my lists don't match up. Sorry. If you're missing from my sidebar, let me know.


I love that there's a flower stall outside the metro station near my work so I can buy flowers on my way home.


tuulenhaiven said...

I'm not in the same area of Doctor Who as you are, but I can relate to the mind-screw. I love it!

Also love your flower stall on the way to work. :)

Kinga said...

I was crushed to see the Tories get the majority but thrilled for the NDP to snag over 100 seats. But, I'm a no-longer-voting-Canadian who's lived abroad for too long and who wasn't even a Canadian to begin with, so I can't really complain too much.

We just started on the 2nd season of Doctor Who with the new Doctor (Something Smith). I really miss David Tenant but I love both Amy Pond and Rory and I loved most of the episodes from that series (The Stone Angels in Byzantium...loved those!). But I spent the entire season thinking "Hmmm...David Tenant would be better in this". Though it's good and I loved that last epsiode with Roman Rory. :)

Cipriano said...


Ummm...... because of your blog's name.... do you ever get mistaken for being the Octo-Mom?

Isabella said...

Hi, Sarah. It's amazing — I don't even need to buy flowers (though I do, on occasion); just seeing them is sometimes enough of a pick-me-up.

I had trouble getting used to this Doctor, too, Kinga. But what I've come to like about him is that, even though he's the youngest actor to play the role, he can look/act incredibly old. He's definitely grown on me.

I'm expecting the Tories will give Canadians plenty to complain about over the next 4-5 years, at which point the NDP may stand a better chance.

Thanks, Cip. Sadly, in real life I have only two hands.