Friday, January 11, 2013

The parking lot forest of dead Christmas trees

Christmas trees at the side of the road this week prompted me to undress our own, which I did this morning, thinking we'd set it out on the curb this evening in time for pick up.

But when I stepped out of the house this morning, there were no Christmas trees in sight.

I soon found them, however. A couple buildings down from us is a parking lot — really two parking lots with a sloped drive between them, a slope where all the parking lot snow is mounded.

It seems someone rescued all the discarded trees of the neighbourhood in the night and planted them here.


Frances said...

I love this! And I love the thought of folks willing to give that much of their time and effort to make something beautiful out of waste.

Isabella Kratynski said...

It makes me smile so much to walk past this! But we had a bit of a thaw this weekend, so it's starting to look like the trees are making a break for it.