Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things I haven't read this summer

Books I fully intended to read this summer but haven't, in addition to a few other books I generously allowed myself to acquire more recently in anticipation of depleting the summer stock, hah!, while finishing the two massive gazillion-page novels I swore to finish this summer (only I'm really reading only just the one of them and deciding that the other shall be set aside after all, given that it's a trilogy and I can rather easily justify putting off its other parts for later), not to mention (not) writing a little about a couple small books that snuck in along the way, but honestly because I just had to have them — don't you just love the Melville House Bulgakov covers? — and perhaps Stoner doesn't belong in this pile, as I'd never really intended to read it (well, I thought I might get around to it someday) but then it came my way and I've been sneaking peeks at it, and now I'm almost finished, it's that compelling, and I'm slightly horrified that Stone upon Stone is so massive, and I think I bought Asterios Polyp by accident thinking it was something else, and this doesn't include the ebooks I've downloaded. Really I'd just like some light reading. Summer.

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