Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I love colouring.

I've known it for some time — maybe it wasn't evident when Helena was in her scribbling phase, but certainly later, when we embarked on colouring projects together and I was still at it an hour after she'd left the table, it was obvious that I was finding some peace in it.

Over the last year or so, I've fully assumed it. I find it's the perfect accompaniment to Netflix-bingeing. I find so much joy in it that I insisted on giving the gift of colouring books (and felt tips or coloured pencils as appropriate) to several grown-up loved ones at Christmas (although, it only really caught on with my sister).

So I feel somewhat vindicated to learn that colouring books are now outselling cookbooks in France. Although also, I'm a little sorry that my little hobby has become so mainstream.

The best place to buy colouring books: art supply stores and museum gift shops.

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Stefanie said...

My sister enjoys coloring too. She has for years and managed to cover it up as craft time when she was babysitting a friends three young children. But this last Christmas I sent her a coloring book and she loved it. Pomegranate is a good place online for artsy coloring books. She also likes paint-by-numbers. I'm thinking of finding a fancy one to send her for Christmas this year.