Thursday, August 25, 2016

Right as rain

I was waiting at the bus stop, for the bus, when it started to rain,
not a downpour but it had more vehemence than a drizzle. It didn't last long;

in fact, by the time I looked up, trying to decide whether or not
to put away my electronic device, and saw people still rummaging
in their bags for forgotten umbrellas, it was over.

Only, I know it had actually rained. I know this because a small
but not insubstantial drop had fallen on the touchscreen of my ereader
with sufficient force to select a word and call up its definition: "right."

/rīt/ adj. 1 Morally good, justified, or acceptable:
I hope we’re doing the right thing | [WITH INFINITIVE]:
you were quite right to criticize him 2 true or correct as a fact

That's all I read before I closed the cover. Right as rain.

Later, in the bus, I wiped away the stains of raindrops
left on my screen. They might have been tears.
(True story. August 22, 2016.)

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