Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The blog habit

When I go out of town, I go into blog withdrawal (posting here as well as reading other blogs). Now that I'm back, I'm having trouble reestablishing the rhythm. My mind is a fog of pain, painkillers, exhaustion, and a general world-weariness: the point of just about anything is obfuscated.

Here and now, I will reembark on the blogging exercise with renewed vigour. Because I say so. Even though I don't really feel like it today.

I remind myself why I do this.

1. To record for posterity Helena's development.
2. To record for my own amusement the complexities of motherhood — my convoluted experience of motherhood, anyway.
3. To write, for writing's own sake.
4. To exploit hypertext in recording the news and opinions that shape my life.
5. To enforce an active search for information and inspiration.
6. To help me maintain some level of analytical thinking and critical evaluation.
7. To give my day (as distinct from Helena's) shape, and some diversion.

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