Thursday, May 27, 2004

What's that buzzing noise?

I feel like someone was hammering away at my tooth all morning. Wait a minute. Yes, that actually happened. Root canal part two is behind me. To be continued.

The cicadas have descended upon Washington, D.C. Take a few moments to educate yourself about this threat to national security.

The house (by which I mean this tiny apartment) is toddler-free for a couple days. But at least I know Helena's safe at her grandmother's house and not lost in the cicada-strewn streets.

The creator of the Artemis Fowl series is out having a drink and a chat.

Children love it, perhaps because they're also like fairies, darting about beneath adult surveillance. They may have to abide by some inexplicable adult rules, but they're normally far more adept in the world of microchips and basic video-programming than their parents. "I'm very keen on not writing down to children," says Colfer. "They all use computers and watch Ally McBeal."

And there's going to be a movie! Oh, goody!

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