Thursday, May 12, 2005


This time tomorrow, we will be homeowners. Ack!

We do a final inspection with the contractor in the morning, sign a bunch of papers, hand over a lot of money, and get keys.

Then we move.

On the whole, things have been going remarkably smoothly. I anticipate catastrophe to strike within the next 48 hours.

Packing is progressing but slowly. Packing is hell. I've been working hard to deliver a project this week; packing would come after that.

But wouldn't you know, Helena's running a fever and complaining of various pains, so she's home today. While obviously not well, she's in fine spirits and super active. Or maybe she only seems more active cuz there's so many boxes and newspapers strewn about to play with, stacks of stuff everywhere, and nothing can really get put away. She gets upset when I ignore her pleas for a tea party and doesn't understand why I won't let her help pack the crystal.

(She says it's her ear, but there's no sign of infection. I think it's a bad bout of teething — all her teeth came in way ahead of schedule, except for these final molars.)

Sometime this weekend, the computer will be put in a box. I won't have anyplace to write down my thoughts or troubles. I will ignore your comments and email. Internet service will be interrupted. I will want to turn to drink, but the bottles will also be packed.

See ya!
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