Thursday, January 19, 2006

My toddler's literacy

Bilingualism in action
Yesterday Helena was excited to be returning to daycare. She swipes her hand across her forehead and confirms, "Ma fièvre est broké." She stammers a bit and corrects herself. "Broké, broke. Ma fièvre broke. Brisée. Ma fièvre est brisée." The fever broke. J-F confirms that it's not a proper French expression, but a Québecois would understand it.

The making of a reader
It seems that, at long last, Helena is taking to books. Over the last few days of illness: one night she nudges me awake, a pile of books in her hand, asking me to read to her; another night I find her crouched by her bookshelf, thumbing through the stacks to make a selection before making the request of me. I oblige. Because she's sick, and it's books! Reading aloud at 3 a.m. is difficult — I'm half asleep and it's Dr Seuss. I'll have to work on modifying this new habit of hers. But I'm overjoyed that she gets it: the comfort and solace of books!
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