Monday, January 09, 2006

Sounds in the night

Helena, an hour after having been put to bed, singing. I strain to listen; I recognize a little tune by Mozart. The Alphabet Song! Complete and accurate! "Elemenopee" — high in the running for most beautiful word in the English language.

Hours later. J-F urgently nudges me awake. "How do you tell them apart?" Huh? "The good ones from the bad ones?" I'm sitting up now, trying to calm him down. "The pirates! They're all wearing black hats." And back to sleep.

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Russell said...

My son, Will, who is now 17 months old has fallen in love with the alphabet. He is always pointing to letters and indicating to us to identify them. He also loves it when we sing the alphabet. He sings fragments of it to himself all the time, sometimes mixing them up: "Aay-bee-cee-eee". He has also taken to singing small segments: "Eee-eff-geee" and "Elemenopee", or the shortened form: "Opee" (which is often sung over and over - "Opee, opee, opee, opee...").

Cute and beautiful!