Friday, October 20, 2006

Drama unleashed

Because I won't give her any candy. Because she didn't finish her soup, as we'd agreed this condition must be satisfied. "Mais, maman! Tu m'a brisé le coeur!" ("But, mom! You're breaking my heart!")

Helena's been home most of the week with cough and fever. She misses her friends.

If I didn't catch cold from Helena, I caught one out in the rain today, my umbrella pretty useless against sprays of water the wind propels at me on an angle, and useless against unavoidable puddles I step into up to my ankles. The massive raindrops turn white and flat, then melt back again. Today is heavy and wet.

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litlove said...

Children are such drama queens, no? But bless them, they really do mean it at the moment when the tragic event (the end of a favourite programme, the loss of a toy, a ticking-off) occurs. My son has a mouth ulcer at the moment, and you should see all the war preparations necessary before I can spray the anaesthetic lotion on it!