Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sheets from a Christmas notepaper pad. Sticky note in top right corner, on which is written in red marker, "C'est la fête de Papa!" (which it will be next week), signed by the artist (legible only on the one component I was asked to contribute and sign; otherwise the "writing" is better described as scribbling with intent to convey a particular meaning but not the least bit successful in doing so). Two stickers in the top left, one of which must be a motorcycle and the other to come from the flowers and butterflies sheet, but with no other rules (eg, regarding size, colour, orientation — I asked) guiding their selection; the stickers must be side by side, but their order is free and spontaneous.

Currently, the installation comprises 7 components, but there are plans for expansion. The artist has plotted the area for a total of 21 panels to span the entire length of the hallway between two doorframes.

Sometimes I think I'm too permissive, that the use of supplies in this manner is wasteful, but these concerns are far outweighed by my curiosity to know what will happen next.


Carl V. said...

I think your permissiveness is comendable!

MothersKnowBest said...

Permissiveness for the win!

Diana said...

When she gets older and starts having friends over and you see how many kids lack this kind of creativity and inventiveness and are bored to death if something electronic is not entertaining them, you will realize that every penny you've ever "wasted" on paper supplies and what have you was worth it. Just wait. :)

I love all of these great Helena stories.

rachel said...

I agree: it's not wasted. Paper does nobody any good sitting in a drawer.