Monday, March 05, 2007

Doctored answers

After 2 weeks of a 4-year-old's questions:
Is there Doctor Who tonight?
Is there Doctor Who tomorrow?
Will we ever see Rose again?
Will we ever see Doctor Who again?
Where'd the daleks go?
What's a "void"?
Remember how the daleks squished that man's head? Why'd they do that?
Who's the girl in the white dress?
Can we watch Doctor Who?

Finally, some answers: CBC will air Series 3 of Doctor Who beginning June 2007. Presumably it will be preceded by "The Runaway Bride." Torchwood will air in the fall.

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Tim said...

The schedule here in the States is so on-and-off, I've completely lost track of Dr. Who. I figure I'll just Netflix the lot of them when they roll out on DVD.