Saturday, April 14, 2007


Family, left; Mommy (that would be me), right. By Helena.

The resemblance is startling.


Stefanie said...

I am impressed by the the leg length of the whole family. And I love your spiky hair :)

Pearl said...

What a sweet composition.

cipriano said...

Isabella.... you have a very impressive.... abdomen!
Very, arachnidian!
You wouldn't happen to be a MOMMY-Long-Legged spider?
Kids Draw The Darnedest Things!

Bybee said...

Great pic, and Helena's signature is coming along nicely!

piksea said...

I think I saw the two of you just last week!

Helena is a prodigy. It took my nephew until he started kindergarten to give his people bodies. We were all just heads with arms and legs sticking off.