Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I am sick, with aches and intense sinus pressure and a very sore throat.

We had a whirlwind weekend, in Toronto, celebrating an aunt's 80th birthday, with probably near 80 family members, family friends. It made me proud to bring J-F more fully into the family fold, meeting cousins he'd never met. It made me proud that Helena was bright-eyed and sweet as ever, and that my mother could show her off before the clan.

Helena was a bit overwhelmed. "They love me so much. And everybody wants to give me presents!"

I slept most of the drive home yesterday. All I wanted was a Neo Citran and a blanket.

It didn't take much convincing this morning — J-F told my I should stay home today, and I said OK. Today, I'm a little bit glad to be a little bit sick, that I could nap and read and nap some more, and finish The Museum of Innocence (which is absolutely exquisite and highly recommended), that I could hang out with my cat.


claire said...

Get well soon! Hope the NeoCitran works..

Stefanie said...

Sorry you are ill. I hope you feel better soon!

cipriano said...

Hope you are feeling better, Isabella.
Curiously enough, my BIG BOSS is also named J.F., resides in Montreal, and [here is where all similarities end].... he would never advise me to stay at home unless the swine flu had actually TURNED ME INTO A SWINE.
Even then, I'm sure he would still assign me to "light duty"..... nuzzling around at the base of trees for truffles, or some such thing.....!! Perhaps providing bacon for the executive breakfast.......