Friday, August 17, 2012

Why keep genre separated?

I've had my copy of Cloud Atlas lying around for months, but it's only last week that I started reading it in earnest.

But, visually rich though it may be, it's not the recently released trailer for the film adaptation that me spurred me to read it (in particular I find the music to be overly manipulative). Rather, it's the directors' commentary, and their genuine enthusiasm for the source material:

So far: Adventure! Cannibals! A lost tribe of Moriori! Weird rituals! Sea-faring! Mysterious illness! Strange dreams! Music! Eluding debtors! Elaborate schemes! Romance! Treachery! Stolen manuscripts! Investigative jounalism! Nuclear power plants! Social activism! Corporate spin! Mysterious deaths! Clandestine meetings! And a sad little boy next door.

And I'm barely into the third of the six nested stories comprising this novel.

Have you read Cloud Atlas? Have you seen the trailer? How do you feel about this book being translated to screen?

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Stefanie said...

I read and loved Cloud Atlas a number of years ago. I haven't watched the trailer yet even though I have heard good things about it because I am worried they just won't be able to do it right. But maybe I will breakdown and look at this weekend.