Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dialogue sans frontières

Alberto Manguel talks about "Don Quixote and the Arabs" (on Saturday, April 2, at 14h30); a French version of his talk is scheduled for Thursday, March 31 at 19h00.

I am so there.

The full program for Montreal's Blue Metropolis literary festival has not yet been posted (March 17), but every day seems to bring new highlights to their website.

Blue Metropolis. Posted by Hello

The concept of dialogue is at the very heart of Blue Metropolis. More than just a literary festival, Blue Met is a meeting place for writers and readers. It is a crossroads for different nationalities, backgrounds, languages, and points of view. At Blue Met, French- and English- speakers, men and women, fact and fiction, art and science, North and South, East and West, established and aspiring writers, the written and the spoken word, the living and even the dead can touch and greet and protect each other.

The recipient of the 2005 Blue Metropolis International Literary Grand Prix is Carlos Fuentes.

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