Friday, March 18, 2005

"Timeless truth, today's language"

The Bible has been "updated," retranslated, perhaps dumbed down, for a modern audience.

Would anyone really misunderstand the phrase "stoned to death" to mean "to die of a drug overdose"?

Many of the changes are banal; some are controversial; others are weird.

"Foreigners will no longer be called 'aliens,' because that makes too many people think of space travellers."

You'll never mistake the Bible for sci-fi again.


Aussie Shiraz said...

Language and meanings will continue to evolve, so they are in for quite a task if they think people are always to be literal with what they read.

Kimberly said...

There was a mid-60's version of the New Testament ('Good News for Modern Man') that was used by some folks in the church I attended as a teenager. I thought the language was horrible; it had no poetry.

Just give me the King James version... or at least an RSV. Not surprising, perhaps, that in the obsolete skill quiz I am Latin.