Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just so you know

1. Work deadlines are creeping up on me, preparing to bash me on the head from behind and leave me unconscious.

2. Sunday evening, the child threw up. Copiously. And all over me (2 different outfits), in addition to all over herself (also 2 outfits), her blanket, the sofa, the floor. She hadn't been showing any signs of illness. I think it had more to do with our afternoon snack, when I made hot chocolate and she ate half a box of cookies when I wasn't looking (even if they were those delicate almond thins). Monday morning she rushed into our room exclaiming, "I'm not sick anymore!" It seems she's drawn some correlation between feeling better and throwing up specifically all over my pants.

3. This morning, child refuses to go to daycare. This is unusual. I can't bring myself to force the issue. No fever, but general malaise and a bit of diarrhea. Mother-in-law is expected to swoop to the rescue shortly, so maybe I will meet my deadlines after all.

4. Over the last week, I've been sneaking peeks at The Dodecahedron, by Paul Glennon. So far, it's amazing. More on this later.

5. It seems I've been leaving typos in my wake, wherever my personal and professional correspondence has taken me these last couple days. This does not bode well for work at all.
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