Monday, March 06, 2006

Update on reading Middlemarch

Henceforth I will not utter a word on Middlemarch here (unless I feel like it). All discussion will be confined to Reading Middlemarch (as much as one can confine literature or keep it from spilling over into real life).

I think I've tracked down everybody who expressed interested in reading along. If I've missed you, I apologize — please contact me again. Or reconsider your anti-Middlemarch stance — there's still time to join us!

Also, I'd like to highlight Rachel's apology in advance for being a Middlemarch smartypants and a hog. For this I also apologize to the rest of you.

Thanks for everybody's kind comments and emails.

Now. Back to work.


piksea said...

Count me in, I have the book sitting on my shelf and it will be nice to have others going along with me.

Isabella said...

Piksea: I can't find an email address for you and need one to be able to sign you up (assuming you'd like the option to post your own entries). Email me if you don't want to post your address here. (Of course, you can always follow along and comment without being an "official" member.)