Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Family portrait

That's me in red. Helena's green. The yellow is sometimes the cat (who is in real life black as night), but usually the light is such that it's not visible at all. The blue folk keep changing identities, but include J-F, all the grandparents, and others.


Martha said...

I love the strange little drawings kids make at this age. I'm impressed that Helena is about the same size as the rest of the figures-- she doesn't feel small or unimportant(I know way too many therapists). C's figures always consist of a big head with giant eyes, and long spidery legs which emerge directly out of it. I should post some of them too, because they really are fun to look at.

Diana said...

Oh, when Katie was about, I dunno - two, maybe three? All of her people had, in her words, "ear wax dripping out of their ears." Every one. I love little-kid drawings. The fun is just beginning!