Friday, May 05, 2006

The new Number 6

This news is the most exciting thing I've had to be excited about in a long time! Kind of like the excitement of last year's Dr Who revival and the excitement of getting The Prisoner DVD boxset for my birthday a couple years ago combined!

(Thanks for the news, Ed!)

(Oh, I'm so excited!)


patricia said...

You like 'The Prisoner'? So cool. My brother and I were really into that show when we were young. My husband really liked it, too.

Not too long ago my husband brought the DVD set home for us to rewatch, but it wasn't the same. We found part of it silly, dated. But I still appreciate the ideas, and how ahead of its time it was, for its time.

This is very interesting news. If done right, it could be very, very good. And I do like that actor, that fellow from the new Dr. Who.

all that's right, or not said...

michele sent me

Tim said...

Ironically enough, I think this is one of those remakes that might be better today than it was originally. And having been disappointed that Christopher Eccleston's tenure on the revived Dr. Who was so short, I hope he does get the lead role.