Friday, July 28, 2006

The Distroboto distribution project

As you may recall, earlier this summer I bought some art from a cigarette machine. Well, after a few weeks, I felt a little niggling, an urge; so I set forth to search out one of the other machines in the city.

I found one at Le Divan Orange. I popped in my toonie, pressed a button nearly at random, and out came my prize, this time in a real (painted-over) cigarette packet. Only, I couldn't really justify feeding what felt like the stirrings of a compulsion, so I packed it up and sent it to Patricia. See what she got!

Yes. The stirrings of a compulsion. Better to call it a "project," no? I need to see all of Montreal's Distroboto machines this summer, and I want to know what's in them. You can help, by relieving me of the burden of guilt for hoarding trash (or art, whatever).

Send me an email with your postal address, and I'll send you a cigarette-machine "art" surprise. (C'mon, you know you want to, Martha.) I can't guarantee what you'll get; I ask only that you blog about it.


patricia said...

What a wonderful idea! What fun!

Damn, I must get myself to Montreal!!

Pearl said...

Interesting idea.

Martha said...

I've been staying away from the internet entirely, but I'm back today, and catching up on your entries. I absolutely want to do this! I'll email you.