Saturday, July 15, 2006

Travel reading

David Gilmour in "My Life with Tolstoy" (July/August 2006, The Walrus):
There's a way you read when you travel; it is, in itself, a kind of transport, the purity with which you pay attention. You never read like that at home. In fact, as the years have gone by and with them a dozen other trips, it has occurred to me that reading, all on its own, may well be the best reason to travel.


Anonymous said...

yeah okay

Arethusa said...

That's funny. For me it's the exact opposite: I'm usually too distracted by the passing scenery, cars, everything to pay the book the attention it deserves. I concentrate better at home (or at the cafe hehe).

Isabella said...

Actually, he means reading on vacation, as opposed to during the in-transit portion. I read in transit, but once there I find too many distractions (excepting cottage-type trips or family visits). I do read, but I find the experience imbued with things that aren't in the book (I take care to match my reading material to my destination). But I prefer reading at home too.