Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The lights went out

We had a spectacular, if relatively brief, thunderstorm yesterday evening, just around Helena's bedtime. We lost power, and seeing as she was already in bed and there was still enough light through the window by which to read her a story — and even though she sleeps with a light on in her room, I had a small battery-operated lamp at the ready — you'd think it wouldn't directly affect her routine, but it seems all the energy inpired by flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder necessitated extra-long stories and extra-long cuddling and hair-stroking before she would settle down to sleep (fiercely gripping my itty-bitty book light).

She'd asked for, I don't know, something, and I explained that whatever it was wasn't possible cuz the lights had gone out, and she immediately jumped up to standing on her bed to look out the window and nodded, "Ah, oui," they're outside, I see the lights over there, which was confusing to me, then extremely funny, and I wonder, do all 3-year-olds do that? Or is it a function of her bilingualism — a little slower to understand an expression but perhaps paying more careful attention to it?
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