Monday, October 25, 2004

The anxiety you feel before a trip

I'm a basketcase!

There are a million things to do before this time tomorrow. Thankfully, work is no longer one of them, though there's still invoicing, which could reasonably be considered part of work, and there's laundry and plant-watering, which could reasonably be considered a different kind of work. And packing!

Helena and I are embarking on another journey by train to see my mother. It's a visit long overdue. J-F can't get away, so it'll be just us girls.

We've made this journey before, but Helena was a little smaller and quieter, not so sure on her feet. What am I in for this time?

To compound our adventure, I thought travelling overnight would make things easier. What was I thinking? What if she won't sleep? What if I can't get any sleep? How am I supposed to install her on the train without waking her? What happens at 5 in the morning when she wakes up, and she wakes up the whole train, and people yell at me? What if it's not possible to warm up some milk for the little crybaby? What if I can't get a cappuccino? How come I never have time to read on the train anymore?

If she is in fact sound asleep, I'll have to lug around her dead weight instead of her walking about on her own two feet and maybe even helping me carry a bag or two. Now I have to bring her pillow! (Trust me, if there's any hope of sleeping, I have to bring her pillow.)

What was I thinking?

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