Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Waiting for laundry to dry. Why is it taking so long? And why am I so hungry?

Helena was up most of the night. Teething? Hungry? As anxious as I am about our pending travel adventure? Simply feeding off her mommy's anxiety?

Reports have it that she fell asleep on the way to daycare this morning. I have a bad feeling about the way our day is going to turn out.

Needless to say, mommy didn't get much sleep last night either. Now I'm sitting here, waiting for laundry to dry, thinking "What the hell did I think I had to do that there wouldn't be enough time for?" Granted, I have yet to finish packing, but first the laundry must dry.

Diaper bag is packed. There's a couple diapers in there, but there's also 2 books for Helena, 2 juice boxes, 2 muffins, 2 fruit cups, and 2 spoons. Jacob is nowhere in sight. And a toothbrush. Also one colouring book and one box of dollar-store, likely non-washable (yikes), crayons. And a change of clothes.

And some Anbesol, just in case. I was strongly against its use when Helena was younger, but the thought of the pain of molars seemed to warrant it. We've used it a couple times in the last couple weeks, and I'm fairly convinced it does nothing.

Plus a book for mommy.

The small suitcase so far contains only pyjamas and a turtleneck for me, a sweater and socks for Helena, some framed artwork, and a pair of glittery ladybug wings.

Looks like we're all set.

The printer refuses to print my ticket confirmation. I have no idea where Helena's birth certificate is and suspect they won't believe me when I tell them how old she is, and then they'll make me cough up a few thousand dollars or something.

Oh, right, I promised to pay some bills before I go.

Back in 12 days. Miss me.


Anonymous said...

We will miss you! Good luck! We who travel alone with toddlers will have our names inscribed in the book of the brave...

GaelicGrl said...

Travel well. I was going to ask your advice about how to keep a 15-month-old seated during a long bus ride (which we face on Friday)...