Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dating by the book

Literary speed-dating, ie, speed-dating with books to talk about in front of you:
There's still a bit of strategy to selecting books for Literary Speed Dating.

"That's part of the interesting thing about it — how do you want to introduce yourself through your books?" Tom said. "You don’t necessarily want to bring your favorite books. You want to bring books that tell somebody something about you, but speak well of you, too."

I'm thinking:
1. Something by Paul Auster or Jose Saramago.
2. Perdido Street Station (China MiƩville) or Snowcrash or Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson).
3. ?
Part of me wants to bring The Golden Notebook (Doris Lessing), but that would be a little cruel, and clearly indicates I shouldn't be speed-dating at all.

What 3 books would you bring on a literary speed date?
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