Wednesday, February 01, 2006


There's so much cuteness and love in this household, it's killing me, or it would if it weren't doing so much to alleviate the misery of my vicious viscous head-cold.

I've been trying to remind myself to take pictures, but Helena runs at the sight of a camera, and, frankly, the all-pervading aura of cuteness is something altogether nonvisual.

Like how I hear her at the other end of the house singing Chim-chiminee, chim-chiminee, chim-chiminee-chee. Or something about a teddybear's picnic.

Helena makes goofy faces all the time, but it's most fun when we're sitting at supper together. J-F encourages this behaviour, and I'm expecting the daycare to send home a note regarding her table manners any day now. But it's just too funny to correct. J-F did warn her not to cross her eyes cuz they'll stay that way, but that reduced us all to howling with laughter, not least because it's exactly the sort of thing one's parents might say (lies!) and we resort to saying it anyway.

She's finally absolutely clear about her yesterdays and tomorrows, and while she's always had, I'm sure, a subconscious sense of structure and her routines, it's a fresh kind of anticipation she exudes when she dresses in the morning knowing it's gym day or chooses to take a book to share with her playmates at storytime.

Till now, I've had to interrogate her about her day, and I've wondered whether I'd spend the next decade having to extract information from her tooth by baby tooth. Very suddenly she's realized that there are things happening in her life! Interesting things! With narrative value! And she wants to talk about them! All the time!

She tells me about her "theatre" course, the story they're enacting with a kind of chorus, about some pigs, three of them, tucked away in their little houses, afraid of the wolf. The wolf is mean.

She tells me how Marie-Claire took the yellow ball away from her and she started to cry cuz she wan't finished yet. But Julie got it back for her and Marie-Claire had to wait.

And she tells me she loves me, beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup. Oh, I am so lucky!


Lizzie said...

Oh, I can just imagine the three of you, J-F being the instigator of silliness, no doubt, but your not being able to resist! And Helena, just at my very favorite age...

I wish I could visit and reap some of that fun, believe me.

Diana said...

This is just... wonderful.

martha said...

Isn't it weird how parentisms sometimes just come tumbling out of your mouth, and you have no idea how it happened? Like, "someone's going to get their eye poked out!". I've bellowed this very thing at my boys, though it always made me snicker when I heard it from my parents. And C is also very silly at the dinner table, which the boys encourage, and so do I, I'm afraid, until J puts a stop to it. I'm glad you have so much cuteness in your life.

Raehan said...

Oh my God. I 've been catching up here and I could just eat Helena up. Beautiful. Beaucoup, beaucoup.

callie said...

If I have ever hesitated in my life to jump in and become a parent...I hesitate less now. Beacoup, beaucoup less. Thank you so much for sharing the unending joy that is Helena and your lovely eye that captures such joy.

patricia said...

Oh yes, you are lucky. Beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup.