Friday, August 04, 2006

Great underappreciated authors — quick reference

Where "underappreciated" is a subjective term.

Great underappreciated authors
Banville, John
Bradbury, Ray
Chavez, Denise
Donaghue, Emma
du Maurier, George
Ford, Ford Madox
Hamilton, Patrick
Hlasko, Marek
Hudson, WH
Japrisot, Sebastien
Kavan, Anna
Lambrichs, Louise
LeGuin, Ursula K
Lipsyte, Sam
Maalouf, Amin
McCarthy, Mary
Morley, Christopher
O'Brian, Patrick
Selimovic, Mesa
Sorrentino, Gilbert
Stamaty, Mark Alan
Walker, Lars
Webb, Mary
Wesley, Mary
West, Rebecca
Willis, Sarah
Wiseman, Adele

Specific underappreciated books
Baker, Nicholson. U and I.
Bock, Dennis. The Ash Garden.
cummings, ee. The Enormous Room.
Shriver, Lionel. We Need to Talk About Kevin.

See the original list with links to background information and comments.

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Dorothy W. said...

Wow -- thanks for pulling that together!

Jeff said...

Excellent list. A great companion to my project.

Isabella said...

I'm adding my recent discovery to the list — Patrick Hamilton.

Also, there's a new list at Syntax of things.