Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My weekend

1 sexy haircut.
1 hour in a used bookstore, whose stock I've determined smells funny and is generally overpriced and in worse condition than that of other used bookstores — no purchases.
1 online book-buying spree.

2 trips to 2 different parks with wading pools.
2 trips to yet 2 other parks for good ol' sandbox and slides.

1 excruciatingly powerful novel.
1 fairly entertaining B-movie, resplendent with stilted dialogue and crappy acting, its only truly memorable aspect being the heroine's boots — sleek and sexy yet sporting remarkably sensible heels.

1 Parc Safari excursion, complete with:
-giraffes! I love giraffes!
-and camels!
-countless slobbering beasts poking their heads into our vehicle
-picnic lunch
-playground, with bouncy tent
-amusement park rides
-1 very delighted little girl with a new and sudden fascination with zebras
-2 slightly sun-tendered shoulders, plus exhaustion


Diana said...

I'd love to hear more thoughts about Kevin. My book club members seemed to find it too "powerful" or uncomfortable or something but I welcomed the feelings (and thoughts and doubts) it elicited in me.

Pearl said...

Sounds like a full and wonderful day. :-)

I've tagged you with a book meme.