Thursday, August 17, 2006


Recently watched and enjoyed:
Kung Fu Hustle: It has kung fu! and hustle! and an awesome soundtrack!

V for Vendetta: No, I didn't read the comic, but I might. It reminds me a lot of War and Peace, thematically, but then everything reminds me of War and Peace these days. And China MiƩville's Iron Council. As far as what makes a hero, a revolution, a pivotal historic event, etc. The movie had the unfortunate effect of planting in my head a continuous loop of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, probably only made continuous by the confluence of also currently reading War and Peace. This confused me actually, what with V's referencing the Boston Tea Party and all sort of revolutionary-type things American, because, I thought to myself, it's Tchaikovsky, he's Russian, obviously it was written to commemorate Napoleon's march on Moscow, though I'd never given it any thought before and didn't know for sure, but I'd just reached that point in the book, so this realization made me feel pretty smart, and pleased with myself for it, but this is neither here nor there.

Recently watched and not enjoyed:
A completely forgettable zombie movie with almost no redeeming qualities, which is a shame, cuz I love zombies, especially in movies.

Best science movies (via Maxine).
Cuz it's science! (See Primer.)

Best sports movies (via Tim).
I can't say I'm a big fan of sports movies, but 1. I've been for years wanting to see Damn Yankees, I don't remember why, it couldn't just be that Lola song, could it? — oh, right, that whole Faustian thing, and 2. having recently espied a copy at the local video store, I intend to rent Game 6 in the near future, cuz Don DeLillo wrote it, and in the first 100 or so pages of Underworld, boy, he made baseball sing.


Ella said...

Oh, how I loved "Kung Fu Hustle". I saw it in the theatre and promptly cleaned out the Stephen Chow section of the local video store. And the soundtrack! I may have to watch this again, since you've brought it up.

renee said...

Yes! Yes! Kung Fu Hustle! That was a great movie.

Tim said...

I'm so adding Men with Brooms to my netflix list. I'd heard about it last (?) year, and it totally slipped my mind.

Carl V. said...

Loved Kung Fu Hustle. Hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. Great flick!