Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The ghost in the crowd

My sweet little ghost in the end looked a rather scary little ghost. It was confirmed, rather late in the game, that masks were not in fact allowed, so my hooded mask masterpiece was set aside and a little last-minute improvisation was called for. Helena insisted on doing her own makeup.

But oh, she was happy, and into the spirit of the thing. I took her to daycare in the morning. She costumed up in the vestibule and made an entrance on her already assembled group with all sorts of arm-waving and oooohh noises.

I left her to meet up with J-F; with other parents we watched our disguised monsters parade about and gave them treats, and saw them off on their tour of the office building.

Helena came home beaming and with a backpack full of candy. I still don't know whether our neighbourhood embraces the trick-or-treat tradition. I'd intended that we stroll about in the evening — candy not being the objective of it, but simply to spread a little ghostly cheer — but as it was cold and rainy, and Helena'd already had hours of excitement, we simply called it a day.

I'm insanely proud of my little ghost, for her spirit, for following through on her slightly off-beat vision, for not following the store-bought princess crowd.


Suzanne said...

That is one spooky ghost. I think it's the makeup that tips it over into ghoulish territory!

Diana said...

Yes, I agree! When she goes all goth on you in twelve years, don't say you had no warning!

She looks adorable and it sounds like a lovely Halloween for everyone.

Ella said...

What a cool costume.

I was a ghost for many Halloweens, but my costumes were always the kind where you put a sheet on your head and cut out holes to see through. Helena's is much spookier.

sfp said...

Helena makes one cool ghost.

patricia said...

A most glorious ghost! Good for her, for not going down the predictable princess path.