Thursday, November 30, 2006


Over the last week I've missed my blogging home tremendously, but now that I'm back I don't know what to say. Much like when meeting up with old friends, it takes the time to consume a bottle of wine before you reestablish your old rhythms. I feel like I should be brimming with fresh insight and self-realizations. I have a fog in my head. I'm in the dark, fairly familiar with my surroundings by now for all this groping about but I haven't found the light switch yet. I mean, you know, life and stuff. Oh, what the hell am I talking about, sounding so maudlin.

Being away from home was lovely, in fact very much like going "home," as far as hanging out with my sister means "home," which it does quite a lot.

Helena was exceptionally charming, with only very few and minor outbursts.

We did nothing that could be called sightseeing, wandered aimlessly around Dupont Circle (several times), bought shoes in Georgetown, went to the zoo, stopped by the World Bank (for which adventure Helena has a wonderfully official visitor's pass) where we lunched (Helena chooses salad bar over pizza).

The highlight of Helena's trip was the nearby playground.

The highlight of my trip was sharing far too many bottles of wine with my sister. And the shoes. And the used Patrick Hamilton book I found.

We watched Mary Poppins. I asked Helena what she would do with her tuppence: put it in the bank or feed the birds. Without hesitation she opts for banking it. What about the birds? Who's going to feed the birds then? She tells me Michael wants to feed the birds, he can feed the birds.

That's it. I should go reflect more carefully on my week before reporting anything further.

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Maxine said...

Welcome back. I miss my blog when I'm away from it too. It feels like my best friend!
(Too exhausting to go through all this spammy stuff twice, so just to say that I liked your "The End" post also -- my younger daughter Jenny is a fan of the series and read this book the instant (literally) it was published. She reached rather a disturbing conclusion about it, so I will have to go and read the book (I hope not all 13) to see if she is right. She was not too impressed by the loose ends actually, but I have read other people with the same opinion as you --"that's life". We had quite a discussion over at Jenny's blog and at the Deblog and Debra's daughter Rebecca's blog -- probably spilling over into emails between me and Debra also if memory serves.