Saturday, November 04, 2006


Perhaps some clarification is in order. Ya, I wanna write the Great Canadian Novel, only not too Canadian, cuz that could be downright boring, not great at all, they only get interesting when they stop obsessing about their Canadianness, or the wilderness, and I know very little about Canadianness or wilderness, so let's just say a Great Novel. Thank you, for all the encouragement and kind words. My mentioning it was not in fact a desperate plea for attention and validation (well, not more so than blogging in general is); nor was it jumping on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon, cuz that kind of thing just isn't for me; it's just something that's come up a lot lately, as something I've always thought about doing someday, and some people advising that I may as well exert my energies on that sort of thing as on anything else, whether scaring up more freelance work or looking for a regular job or intensive language training and possibly translation studies (as, this town is bent on having bilingual editors, and I could spend hours telling you and potential employers why this is wrong, wrong, wrong, but it won't change their hiring practices, and they'll be content with bilingual publications that are "good enough" (and my French is not, though it might be for some jobs in a field that didn't actually depend on one's use of the language); English-only jobs are few and far between,) or deciding I want to do something altogether different with my life and starting over.

Plus, I heard a wonderful real-life anecdote the other day, which is just the perfect frame to hang a novel on.

Only, I started putting some things to (figurative) paper the other day, and it was hard, and it was crap.

But now I feel the pressure. Cuz about 17 people read it right here that I'm going to do this. So now I have to.

Also, I have to run to the grocery store for a bottle of wine.


Diana said...

Oh, I am so right there with you. I had this beautiful novel in my head and I started writing it down; since I've read so much beautiful prose and because I've gotten a compliment or two on my blog-writing I assumed that it'd be cake but the novel in my head and the novel emerging on my screen were not even on speaking terms. How can it look so easy and be so hard? How can something be so lovely in my head and so crap in reality?

Fun stuff, eh?!

rachel said...

It is hard. And there will be much crap. But it's also really rewarding. Not unlike raising a child.

Tim said...

Pressure can be a great motivator. That's one of the reasons I try to stay in a writing group, cause the constant deadline keeps you moving.