Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Alone in the universe

"The impression out there is that a lot of the blog activity is very feverish. That's not the case."

It makes me feel like a member of the elite.

In other news, Spalding Gray is still missing.

Nothing else is going on.

I've been reading about how boring the Oscars were. I'm glad of all this insightful analysis, or I never would've known. I feel sorry for Bill Murray though. I wanted him to win. No, I haven't seen Lost in Translation yet, but I've been bugging J-F about it since it was first released in theatres months ago.

Bill Murray was really great in The Razor's Edge, too often dismissed and thought inferior to the 1946 version with Tyrone Power. Just because it's old and in black and white with a handsome, brooding leading man doesn't mean it's any good. It's Murray's performance that makes Larry's soul sing. (And Theresa Russell as Sophie was gut-wrenching.) Anyone who didn't like it obviously didn't understand the book.

I finished editing a chapter last night (work) so I'd be free today. I thought Helena and I would go walking, to browse books and buy bananas. But it's raining. We may have to cuddle up and read instead.

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