Sunday, March 07, 2004

The amazing Helena baby

It's been quite a week for my baby. The developments are staggering.

Thursday we'd gone shopping, and she was a hit everywhere we went. The sight but particularly the sound of her (what odd vocalizations!) made lots of people smile and laugh.

We'd stopped for cappuccino and Helena insisted on getting out of her stroller. I sat her on a regular chair where she looked happy, if short, grooving along to the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing Cole Porter tunes. A couple passersby commented on her great sense of rhythm.

Friday she stacked 9 megabloks, one on top of the other, in one fluid go with
no tumbles, and then she quickly moved on to other business. Usually she loses interest by block 3 or 4. But this was like a mission she had to accomplish—vision and execution.

She "walked" 3 unaided steps, on the couch, with the cushion removed. She'd been bouncing on the one cushion that remained in place and there was a look in her eye that she suddenly wanted to come see me (poised at the end of the couch), but the propulsion from bouncing sent her forward before her hand could go out to help her sidle along the back of the couch. She looked very surprised. Kind of fell forward onto the arm. This has been repeated a few times. We try it on bare floor, and she gets that look in her eye, but then she chickens out.

(I think it's cuz our place is too small. I can't turn around with arms outstretched and not bump into anything. When Helena reaches, there's almost invariably a wall, a chair, some toy, or furniture for her to grab on to for support.)

Although, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if she were walking behind my back. She's so fast.

She can reach and operate the door handles (more like a lever one depresses than a knob one turns)—you know, the kind the baby-proofing kits don't address.

When "reading," Helena turns the book right side up. At least when it's a picture book. (I wouldn't expect her to have figured out text yet.)

Object shapes are going through the sort holes without my help.

We've gone through entire meals (including cereals) where she doesn't insist on my helping to feed her. And it's politely made clear when she wants more (she shows us her empty plate instead of crying or screaming).

She says "Papa" with regularity.

Yay for baby!

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