Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The walking project

Helena is treating learning to walk as a project. A look comes over her that says, "I'm going to practice walking now," and she devotes 40 minutes to it, walking the same stretch of floor, back and forth, over and over, occasionally stretching the distance incrementally.

Hobble-crawling and bottom-scootching are still her primary modes of tranportation, but her walking practice sessions are becoming more spontaneous and frequent.

I think her approach is really weird. Smart, I guess, to set herself this task of walking to accomplish, but weird.

On other developmental fronts, Helena still hasn't decided whether she's a one-nap- or two-naps-a-day baby, but at least she's getting up in the morning at her normal hour. Inexplicably, she no longer eats banana.

J-F taught her how to drink through a straw — that really caught her by surprise. Helena knows the sound of J-F as he's coming up the stairs and will announce "Papa" before he unlocks the door.

She's says "baby" a lot. Affirmation of self? Helena is still the centre of her — and the whole family's — world.

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