Wednesday, March 31, 2004


As of a few days ago, Helena is tall enough to reach the buttons on the television and smart enough to register that stuff happens when you push them. So she turns the television on by herself, then she turns it off, then she turns it on again, then off, on again, off, on, off, on. . .

This can occupy her for half an hour at a time. Almost as fun are the volume control buttons, although when a certain level of loudness is achieved, she backs away with an expression on her face that says, "Mommy, help."

Although she's learning some tv-savvy, at least very little actual watching of the television is occurring during these sessions.

While on the subject of television, I feel it's my duty to weigh in on The Apprentice before it's all over.

Four more episodes. Five "interviewees" left. Who's it gonna be?

Bunsen has an insightful summary of their strategies and personalities.

Kwame seems like a really nice guy, smart, smooth. But he doesn't do anything. He'll be next to go.

Troy's farmboy schtick is tiresome. He'll do something sleazy and the others will gang up on him.

Bill. Bill could do it. Bill should win. If he wanted it, he could have it. But I really don't think he wants it anymore. He seems to be really fed up with this whole game, like he has better things to do. He probably does. He'll be leaving by his own design.

Nick just isn't as smart and savvy as everyone thinks he is. Amy's playing him, and is going to win it out from under his nose. She's going to keep him there with her till the end. Amy's got a creative spark that no one can compete with.

So, Kwame, Troy, Bill, and Nick, eliminated in that order, leaving Amy to do the job.

But there's something about Bill. . . I'm still rooting for Bill.

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